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Scientist profile

Kenneth Hugdahl


Faculty of Psychology

Bergen fMRI Group

Department of Biological and Medical Psychology

Title: Professor

Phone: +47 55 58 62 77

Cellphone: +47 911 81 062 SMS


Visiting address: Jonas Lies vei 91

  • fMRI and brain function
  • Brain laterality - Dichotic listening
  • Cognitive impairment in psychiatric disorders
  • Language and attention
  • ERC Advanced Grant: Auditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia
  • Nordic Center of Excellence: fMRI and attention
  • RCN/NEVRONOR: MR studies of auditory hallucinations
  • RCN/Mental Health: Dichotic listening and "hearing voices
  • Helse-Vest: MR studies of auditory hallucinations
  • NORMENT Center of Excellence