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Scientist profile

Kjell Erik Lommerud


Department of Economics

Title: Professor

Phone: +47 55 58 92 09

Cellphone: +47 958 01 901 SMS


Visiting address: Fosswinckelsgate 14

International industrial organization

Family economics

Labor economics

Publications in Cristin


Your place or mine? On residential choice among young couples in Norway. Demography, 2013. (With Katrine Løken and Shelly Lundberg.)

North-South technology transfer in unionised oligopoly, Journal of Development Economics, 99, 385-395, 2012. (With Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume.)

Employment protection versus flexicurity: On technology adoption in unionised firms. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114, 177-199, 2012. (With Odd Rune Straume.)

Love and taxes - and matching institutions. Canadian Journal of Economics, 43, 919-940, 2010. (With Kai A. Konrad)

Can deunioniazation lead to international outsourcing? Journal of International Economics, 77, 109-119, 2009. (With Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume.) Pre-publication pdf-version.

National versus international mergers in unionized oligopoly. RAND Journal of Economics, 37, 212-233, 2006. (With Odd Rune Straume and Lars Sørgard.)

Globalisation and union opposition to technological change. Journal of International Economics, 68, 1-23, 2006. (With Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume.) Pre-publication pdf-version.

Downstream merger with upstream market power. European Economic Review, 49, 717-743, 2005.

Unionised oligopoly, trade liberalisation and location choice. Economic Journal, 113, 782-800, 2003. (With Frode meland and Lars Sørgard.)

Geography of the family. American Economic Review, 92, 981-998, 2002. (With Kai A. Konrad, Harald Künemund and Julio Robledo.)

The bargaining family revisited. Canadian Journal of Economics, 2000. (With Kai A Konrad.)

Minimum wages and the incentives for skill formation. Journal of Public Economics, 1997. (With Jonas Agell.)