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Scientist profile

Mariya Stoyanova Bikova

PhD Candidate

Department of Sociology

Title: PhD Candidate

Phone: +47 55 58 91 52


Visiting address: Rosenbergsgt. 39

Room number: 214

The PhD-project “Gender and the global production of welfare in a Norwegian context” is a study of the intersections between work, welfare and migration and is built around two main research interests: 1.The au pair-exchange programme as a form of female migration and 2. the au pair-exchange programme as a field where immigration policy, gender equality policy and welfare policy intersect, form and influence the lives of persons placed au pairs in Norway, their families and relations. By approaching the au pair migration from these two analytical angles, I will explore how the phenomenon is linked to a larger process of female migration, and how the increased popularity of the au pair scheme in Norway can reveal insights about changing care cultures and social structures in both Norway and the countries where the au pairs come from.