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Scientist profile

Tor Eldevik

Associate Professor

Geophysical Institute


Title: Associate Professor

Phone: +47 55 58 87 31


Visiting address: Allegt. 70

Room number: Senter for klimadynamikk

  • The role of the northern seas in climate - past, present, future
  • The (possible) interannual to decadal predictability of climate 
  • Arctic/Nordic Seas/Atlantic exchanges
  • The North Atlantic thermohaline circulation 
  • Barents Sea ice cover
  • Open ocean convection
  • Mesoscale eddies and frontal dynamics, incl. “spiral eddies”

using theory, observations, conceptual models, and climate/ocean models



Publications in Cristin

Recent publications: 

Eldevik, T., and J.E.Ø. Nilsen, 2013: The Arctic–Atlantic thermohaline circulationJ. Climate, 26, 8690–8705.

Smedsrud, L.H., I. Esau, R.B. Ingvaldsen, T. Eldevik, P.M. Haugan, C. Li, V.S. Lien, A. Olsen, A.M. Omar, O.H. Otterå, B. Risebrobakken, A.B. Sandø, V.A. Semenov, and S.A. Sorokina, 2013: The role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic climate systemRev. Geophys., 51, 415–449.

Sandø, A.B., J.E.Ø Nilsen, T. Eldevik, and M. Bentsen, 2012: Mechanisms for variable North Atlantic-Nordic Seas exchangesJ. Geophys. Res., 117, C12006.

Langehaug, H.R.,  P.B. Rhines, T. Eldevik, J. Mignot, and K. Lohmann, 2012: Water mass transformation and the North Atlantic Current in three multi-century climate model simulationsJ. Geophys. Res., 117, C11001.

Årthun, M., T. Eldevik, L.H. Smedsrud, Ø. Skagseth, and R. Ingvaldsen, 2012: Quantifying the influence of Atlantic heat on Barents Sea ice variability and retreatJ. Climate25, 4736–4743.

Langehaug, H.R., I. Medhaug, T. Eldevik, and O.H. Otterå, 2012: Arctic/Atlantic exchanges via the Subpolar GyreJ. Climate25, 2421–2439.

Medhaug, I., H.R. Langehaug, T. Eldevik, T. Furevik, and M. Bentsen, 2012:Mechanisms for decadal scale variability in a simulated Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationClim. Dyn., 39, 77–93.

Jeansson, E., A. Olsen, T. Eldevik, I. Skjelvan, A.M. Omar, S. Lauvset, J.E.Ø Nilsen, R.G.J. Bellerby, T. Johannessen, and E. Falck, 2011: The Nordic Seas carbon budget: Sources, sinks and uncertainties. Global Biogeochem. Cycles25, GB4010.

Våge, K., R.S. Pickart, M.A. Spall, H. Valdimarsson, S. Jonsson, D.J. Torres, S. Østerhus, and T. Eldevik, 2011: Significant role of the North Icelandic Jet in the formation of Denmark Strait Overflow WaterNature Geoscience4, 723-727. 

Eldevik, T., J.E.Ø. Nilsen, D. Iovino, K.A. Olsson, A.B. Sandø, and H. Drange, 2009: Observed sources and variability of Nordic seas overflowNature Geoscience2, 406-410.