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Learning Environment Committee

The University of Bergen’s Learning Environment Committee (LMU) is appointed pursuant to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges section 4-3 no 3.

The LMU is an advisory body that is responsible for following up questions relating to the university’s physical and social learning environment, cf. the committee’s mandate.

In accordance with the act, students and the institution have an equal number of representatives on the committee. Four students are appointed by the student organisations. The four remaining members will be selected from the senior administrative staff. The office of committee chair alternates between students and the institution every second year. The committee has three permanent observers from the Council for Students with Disabilities, the University Library and the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen.

The LMU’s most important task is to ensure that it has insight into and an overview of the students’ learning environment at the institution in order to make an overall assessment of the situation. The LMU will also draw up and maintain an expedient reporting system for the learning environment.  The LMU will be a consultative body in connection with the planning of large projects and be represented at the transfer inspection.

By law, the LMU must be informed about complaints received by the institution from students concerning the learning environment.  The LMU can express an opinion on such matters to the University Board. The LMU must also be informed about any instructions and individual decisions issued by the Labour Inspection Authority in relation to the institution’s learning environment. The LMU must also be sent a copy of any reports concerning accidents, near-accidents and non-conformities.

The LMU meets several times each semester and reports annually on its work to the University Board. The Section for Education Development and Evaluation at the Division of Student Affairs is the secretariat for the committee.

The committee’s website (Norwegian only)

The Act relating to universities and university colleges


Last updated 8.1.2013