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Academic profile

The University of Bergen is a research university with a high international profile that is committed to academic and research excellence.

In addition research and education in the traditional university disciplines, the academic profile of the University of Bergen has two major focuses: marine research and development research.

    Uni CIPR forsker Aleksandra Sima fotografert for Hubro 01/2013, tema Oljebyen Bergen. Formatert til bruk på forside aktuelt/news.

    The drones of oil

    Geologists in Norway are using flying drones with cameras to hunt for oil.

    Cruiseturismen har tidoblet seg i løpet av de siste tretti årene. Men cruiseturistene bruker minst penger av alle når de er på land.

    Cruise tourists spend less

    More and more cruise ships visit the fjords of Western Norway. But cruise tourists only spend a fraction of what other tourists spend.

    Bilde av studenter fra Institutt for geovitenskap på Svalbard. Brukt ifm sak i Hubro 01/2013. Brukt som forsidehenvisning til saken.

    Arctic research on the rise

    With an increased interest in the natural resources of the Arctic, geologists are increasingly drawn to research on the archipelago of Svalbard.

    Tunikatene er kappedyr som lever i alle verdens hav. De veier rundt 50-70 gram og spises i dag av japanere og koreanere.

    An animal to feed your Eco-car

    The marine animal tunicate can be used both as biofuel and fish food, according to prize-winning research at UiB and Uni Research.


    Surviving pandemics

    So far, the tobacco plant has done more harm than good. But in the future, the plant may be used as part of a life-saving vaccine.