The Biorecognition group is divided into three labs:


Pluvia attracts interest from new governmental seed funding

Sarsia Seed recently announced their new seed funds in Bergen consisting of 300 million NOK. Initial investment can be in the biotechnology company Pluvia founded by Prof. Aurora Martinez according to Sarsia officials.


Biorecognition best research group at the faculty

Biorecognition won the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry prize for best research group.


Bio3D-web: New online tools for protein structure analysis

Bio3D-web is a new online tool for the analyses of sequence, structure and conformational heterogeneity of protein families. The tool is developed by researcher Dr. Lars Skjærven, member of the the Biorecognition group, in collaboration with Prof. Barry J. Grant at the University of Michigan.


New research sheds light on mechanisms behind serious brain disorder

Together with researchers from the University of Zurich, resarch groups at the University of Bergen have contributed to a better understanding of a rare, but serious, brain disorder.

High-throughput screening

High-throughput screening (HTS) is a method widely used in drug development, where liquid-handling robotics is combined with computational tools to test large number of samples for specific properties. We use HTS to find inhibitors and pharmacological chaperones for our proteins.