System Dynamics

Another term for System Dynamics is model based analysis and policy design. The System Dynamics method is applied in almost all areas of research and planning and is used to guide information search, to formulate models, perform analysis, and to facilitate learning and policy implementation. The method helps solve complex problems within disciplines and it provides a unifying language that stimulates and facilitates interdisciplinary work and education.

We offer two master programmes in System Dynamics: M.Phil. System Dynamics and Joint European Master.


Listening to the voices of Africa’s farmers

UiB researcher Brigit Kopainsky has visited African farmers to get their opinions on agriculture and climate change.


Barry Richmond Scholarship Award to master students

Three of our master students in system dynamics received a prestigious award at the 2015 International System Dynamics Conference in Boston, USA.


Andrea Bassi on the green economy

Dr. Andrea Bassi, Founder and CEO of KnowlEdge Srl, discusses ideas, indicators and practices surrounding the concept of "green economy", explaining how it would work in practice and barriers to change.

PhD Project

Sustainability of the Norwegian Welfare State

Very often, policy makers see potential challenges to the state through incorrect mental models, which makes for poor policy development and implementation. System dynamics modeling is a valuable tool to gain insight into complex systems. Using the results in policy debate helps policy makers...

International Cooperation

Learning Economics with Dynamic Modelling

Associate Professor David Wheat and his co-coordinator in Ukraine received two grants from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) for a three-year project named: "Learning Economics with Dynamic Modeling."