Research Group Electronic Literature

Group leader: Scott Rettberg scott.rettberg@lle.uib.no

Bergen Electronic Literature research group (BEL) studies literary works created for digital media. In 2015 we hosted the international Electronic Literature Organization conference and literary arts festival, which was held in Bergen 4-7 August. An important project for us is the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base, and in recent research we have focused on visualising and analysing the extensive data we have organised in the Knowledge Base.


Digital Art and Literature at the University Library Café

In November and December visitors to the University Library will experience electronic literature and digital art created by Jason Nelson, the 2016/17 Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at UiB, and his partner, Alinta Krauth.


Prestigious Award to Scott Rettberg's Hearts and Minds

Scott Rettberg and collaborators' VR narrative Hearts and Minds is the 2016 winner of the Electronic Literature Organization's Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature.

Aug 04

The End(s) of Electronic Literature Festival exhibition

Experience key works of contemporary electronic literature and see the history of electronic literature in this hands on exhibition at the Humanities Library.


KID E-LIT: An Exhibition of Electronic Literature for Children and Youth

What can children's literature look like in a world of computers, tablets and mobile phones? This exhibition allows children, teens and adults to explore these new literary forms.


Decentering: Global Electronic Literature

"Decentering" focuses on electronic literature from countries outside the Western mainstream, and is one of five exhibitions held in connection with the ELO2015 conference and festival.