Neural Networks Research Group

The Neural Networks Research Group consists of 3 Principle Investigators conducting basic and translational research within the areas of neurobiological research with an emphasis on structure and function of neurons, networks and systems. The group is functionally divided into two research laboratories:

  • Neuroinformatics and Image Analysis Laboratory with a focus on pattern recognition in structural and functional biomedical magnetic resonance images (MRI) and its application in clinical neurology and neurobiological research.
  • Retinal Microcircuits Laboratory with a focus on the synaptic and cellular mechanisms of visual processing in neuronal microcircuits in the mammalian retina.

Fig: Synaptically coupled AII amacrine cell and rod bipolar cell. Zandt BJ, Liu JH, Veruki ML, Hartveit E. (2017). Brain Struct Funct. 222(1):151-182. 

Master’s Thesis Projects

Our group has several interesting topics for the MSc degree

A17 amacrine cell

A17 amacrine cell filled with Alexa Fluor 594 via patch pipette.