UNIKARD blogg 21

After reorganization of the Department of Clinical Science, two members of the former LOCUS Homocysteine, professor Ottar Nygård, and professor Per Magne Ueland, affiliated at the Preventive Cardiology Section and the Pharmacology Section, respectively, were assigned the status of research group within the department. The on-going research is a continuation of the work carried out within the frame of the LOCUS for more than 20 years and in collaboration with the LOCUS members at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care.

The research activity is organized within two units, i.e. the academic unit (Research group) and the analytical unit (BEVITAL). The overall strategy is the exploitation of novel methods for assessment of biomarker status based on mass spectrometry to carry out metabolic profiling of large national and international cohorts. These include the Hordaland health studies, HUSK, EPIC, NORCCAP, WENBIT, NORVIT, JANUS, MoBa and the multi-center study One-carbon metabolism biomarkers and lung cancer (LC3). The research objectives are the establishment and validation of biomarkers related to vitamin status, nutrition and inflammation as risk factors of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.