Reliable communication

Interview with Prof. Ernst S. Selmer

The Selmer Center

The Selmer Center is a research center for secure and reliable communication.

The center was opened on Tuesday, February 11, 2003, with the name in honor of Ernst S. Selmer, Prof. Emeritus at the University of Bergen.

Please visit our homepage selmer.w.uib.no for more information.


Five young researchers funded millions

Five UiB scientists will receive over 100 million NOK from Bergen Research Foundation and the University of Bergen, who aim to lay the groundwork for world class research.


Meet people at II - Sachin Valera

- The position offered by UiB was perfectly catered to my research interests, and the project allowed for progression in an exciting direction that would be of personal appeal. Not to mention the opportunity to work at a great institute situated in such a picturesque city!