Bergen Summer Research School

Global challenges affect us all. Join us next summer for a cross-disciplinary research school exploring some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.

Shaped by some of Bergen's best research groups, every year the BSRS raises some pressing development issues.

June 12-22, 2017 at the University of Bergen

Six disciplinary courses will next summer focus on migration, the role of higher education, global health, water management, poverty, and the impact language has on global challenges.

The courses will be tied together by common sessions on research tools, writing and presentation skills, joint keynotes by high-profile researchers, plenary discussions, and an excursion into the Norwegian waterscape.

Application deadline was March 1, 2017. Check out the programme (to be updated).

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Meeting Bill Gates in the lift

Imagine that you were to meet Bill Gates in a lift. You strike up a conversation and he asks you what you do. As it happens, you have just come up with an idea that you believe could change the world. In the approximately two minutes until the elevator reaches your floor, you decide to try to...

Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017
Jun 12

Breaking BAD: Understanding Backlash Against Democrcay

Earlier optimism about a final wave of democratization and the global consolidation of democracy as humanity's penultimate political form is called into question.

Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017

Sustainability Science: The state of the field

A review of the state of sustainability science and some of the challenges with which researchers are grappling

Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017

Improving health and reducing poverty

This talk will critically examine the Sustainable Development Goals for health and poverty and discuss how they are interlinked.

Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017

On Science and Ethics – Rotten Apples or Corrupted Quality?

This lecture traverses scientific practice from serious cheating to unintentional flaws in quality.

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