Global development challenges affect us all. The Bergen academic milieu is committed to rethink the implications of Norway’s position in the world today, emphasizing themes and research that our institutions are already engaged with.

Water, Climate & Society

June 13-24, 2016 at the University of Bergen

Professor Terje Tvedt, scientific leader of BSRS 2016, is well underway organising some challenging courses and cutting-edge keynotes for next summer. Together with a guided excursion into the waterscape of Western Norway — with waterfalls, fjords and glaciers — we hope to provide the ideal backdrop for stimulating cross-disciplinary discussions.

Online applications are welcome from mid-December.

General themes for the 2016 courses

Water, development and poverty

Water and system dynamics

Water management and climate change

Water and health

Water management in international river basins

Environment and religion

Water and law