Master's Programme in Public Administration

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The master's programme leads to the degree of Master of Philosophy in Public Administration (MPA). It is a two year programme (120 ECTS credits).

Mål og innhald

The objective of the Master of Philosophy in Public Administration (MPA) is to enhance the students' ability to conduct independent analyses of organizations, political and administrative structures and processes, and public policy. The programme strengthens students' analytical skills and provides a comprehensive training in methodology. Participation in various seminars and individual writing ensure that the motivation for and ability to work independently in an academic or a professional setting is enhanced.

The MPA Programme is equivalent to four semesters of study after completion of an undergraduate degree.

The programme is aimed at international self-financed students.

Exchange students under the Erasmus agreement and other guest students who fulfill academic requirements may on application be admitted to one or more courses in the programme.

Fagleg profil

Public Administration is the study of administration, organization and politics. As a field of study it has a political science orientation with particular emphasis on theories of democracy, organizations and organized action. The programme aims to develop knowledge of and insight into a) the relationship between organizations and individuals, and b) the relationship between organizations and their environments. It draws on theoretical and empirically-based research on formal organizations.


The MPA programme is characterized by pluralism of methodology. The students will be introduced to critical issues in the philosophy of the social sciences and the methodological basis for conducting scientific research. The students will receive training in different research strategies and have the possibility to choose between different methods particularly relevant to the theme and empirical foundation of their thesis.


During the second year (3rd and 4th term), the students write the AORG351 Master's Thesis in close collaboration with their supervisors. Dissertation seminar may be arranged depending on the needs and progress of thesis of the students. The Master's Thesis shall be submitted in the fourth semester and the fixed date is June 1st in the spring semester. Submitting on a different date may be granted based on individual application. The length of the AORG351 Master's Thesis is normally stipulated to about 120 typed pages, using 1.5 line spacing and font size 12

Studiestart - semester

Autumn (August)

Kva kan eg bli


Through scientific work and presentations students will have developed analytical skills and competence to work with and carry out research on organizational issues, democracy, politics, administration and service delivery. The competences acquired throughout the MPA are well suited for positions where organizational design and leadership are required, but also for management in public administration, private firms and voluntary organizations. The student will also be able to give advice on organizational issues in the private and public sectors.

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A candidate who has completed his or her programme should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate...

  • has obtained systematic knowledge of recent developments in organization theory, public administration and public policy, and the theories and methods being used in these fields of study.
  • has developed a broader understanding of the relationship between politics and administration and between the formulation and implementation of public policy.
  • has acquired the knowledge required to identify relationships between formal organizations on the one hand and consequences and outcomes on the other.


The candidate...

  • is able to explain and analyse newer theories of organizations, public administration and public policy
  • will be able to develop and analyze academic research questions within the chosen field of study independently, based on relevant theories and methods of research
  • can formulate research questions, design an appropriate research design and conduct empirical research in line with research ethical principles

General competence

The candidate...

  • has acquired a methodological foundation for conducting research and academic writing
  • is able to prepare and conduct a research project applying scientific methods of research
  • can communicate and cooperate about problems and challenges in social science


Oppbygging av studiet

In the first semester, i.e. the autumn semester (August-December), students are required to complete two compulsory courses/seminars, in Organization and Politics (AORG318) and Methodology (AORG319).

In the second semester (January-June), students are required to complete two compulsory seminars, viz. the seminars in Research Design (AORG322), and Research Field (AORG323).In the second semester there will be an assessment of students´ ability to continue with the program

Master's Programme in Public Administration (krav 120 SP)
Teoridel (krav 60 SP)
Obligatorisk emne
AORG318Organization and Politics151–21
AORG322Forskingsdesign 151–32
AORG323Forskingsfelt 151–32
Master Thesis (krav 60 SP)
Obligatorisk emne
AORG351Master's Thesis in Public Administration603–44
Prosjektskildring for mastergradsprosjektet
Obligatorisk emne
Prosjektbeskrivelse, master
Fremdriftsrapport for sluttføringen av masterprosjektet
Obligatorisk emne
Fremdriftsrapport, master
SP = Studiepoeng, S = Semester, A = Anbefalt semester

Korleis søke


In order to be admitted to the M-Phil programme in Public Administration applicants must normally have obtained an undergraduate degree or Bachelor's degree of 4 years' duration, or have an equivalent educational background. The undergraduate degree must include 1, 5 years of full-time studies in relevant courses such as:

  • Political Science or related subjects
  • Public Administration
  • Organization Theory

All candidates will also be selected on the basis of achievements in previous studies. Admission is competitive; applicants should have excellent academic records. Minimum 2 nd Class, Upper Division/B or the equivalent is normally required in order to be considered for admission.

Teaching and supervision is conducted in English, applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide documentation of English language proficiency. If you are a native English speaker you are not required to provide a proficiency test. You are considered to be a native speaker of English if you are from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, The UK, USA or South Africa.

Non-native English speakers must document their English language proficiency http://www.uib.no/en/education/49142/english-language-requirements#

Who can apply?

Students who fulfill the academic requirements can apply. We welcome self-financing students with relevant academic background.


Follow the guidelines on how to apply depending on which applicant group you belong to.

Studiestart - semester

Autumn (August)

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