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SVT Press was established in 1997 by the Association of the Theory of the Sciences. SVT Press intends to integrate the Theory of Science into different environments and to publish written papers in this field. For ordering information: Gunnar.Skirbekk@svt.uib.no

Religion, Modernity and Rationality (2006)

Shanghai lectures  (In English)

by Gunnar Skirbekk

This book cost 50 kroner.

To what extent is religion modern?

To what extent is modernity rational?

And what is rational about rationality?

These are the three underlying questions of these three essays, presented in Shanghai in September 2006, within the framework of the "Marco Polo" research programme for comparative studies of the processes of cultural modernization in Europe and East Asia. "Religion and Modernity"; "Alternative Processes of Modernization" and "Truth and Justification". About the author:                                  http://www.uib.no/people/hsvgs

Øko-etikk  (1999)

Økonomi, økologi, etikk

plus: Discourse-Ethical Gradualism: Beyond Anthropocentrism and Biocentrism?

by Gunnar Skirbekk (Most of this book is in Norwegian.)

This books costs 50 kroner.

Dette er ei innføring i øko-etikk for økonomistuderande. For å lette overgangen mellom økonomi og økologi er tekstane skrivne i eit vitskapsfilosofisk perspektiv. Grunnteksten har vori i bruk ved Siviløkonomiutdanningen i Bodø i fleire år. Tilleggsteksten er ei drøfting av de øko-etiske grenseland mellom menneske og natur, med fokus på forsøket på ein grenseoppgang mellom menneske og dyr.

by Gunnar Skirbekk 

Nihilism?  (1998)

A Young Man's Search for Meaning? 

by Gunnar Skirbekk 

This book costs 150 kroner (This book is in English.) 

This book was originally published in 1958 in Norwegian. It is an existentialist essay, but in retrospect it may also be considered as a documentary of the reflective humanities in an age of crises.

Philosophy Beyond Borders  (1997)

In 1997 the anthology “Philosophy Beyond Borders” was published. “Philosophy Beyond Borders” contains a selection of articles and essays written by Norwegian philosophers from 1936 to 1996. It has its origin in the collaboration between Norwegian and Chinese philosophers on theories of cultural modernization. The formal framework for this collaboration is a research program called “Marco Polo”, established by philosophers at the University of Bergen, Norway and at East China Normal University, China.

This books costs 150 NOK and is written in English.


Arne Næss: Guidelines for a Behavioural Description of the Objects and Contents of Knowledge.

Arne Næss: Comparison of Different Total Views.                            

Arne Næss: Can There be, Ultimately, Only One Valid Total System?

Arne Næss: The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecology Movement: A Summary.

Hans Skjervheim: Objectivism and the Study of Man.

Jakob Meløe: The Agent and His World.

Knut Erik Tranøy: Norms of Inquiry: Methodologies as Normative Systems.

Dagfinn Føllesdal: An Introduction to Phenomenology for Analytic Philosophers.

Ingemund Gullvåg: Conditions for Rationality and Objectivity.

Audun Øfsti: Observation as Reflection, Relating to the Early Philosophy of Næss.

Jon Elster: The Market and the Forum: Three Varieties of Political Theory.

Ånund Haga: Social Science and the Theory of Games.

Jon Hellesnes: Hermeneutics and Everyday Understanding.

Kjell S. Johannesen: Rule Following, Intransitive Understanding, and Tacit Knowledge.

Tore Nordenstam: From “Is” to “Ought” - Deduction or Articulation?

Ragnar Fjelland: From Evolutionary Epistemology to the Life World a priori.

Nils Gilje: Hans Nielsen Hauge and the Spirit of Capitalism.

Harald Grimen: Reasonable Disagreement and Epistemic Resignation.

Gunnar Skirbekk: Contextual and Universal Pragmatics: Mutual Criticism of Praxeological and Transcendental Pragmatics.