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Reviews in Public Administration and Acta Politica

The Ashgate Research Companion to New Public Management, edited by Tom Christensen and Pe Lægreid has received positive reviews in Public Administration and Acta Politica.


Tom Christensen and Per Laegreid have compiled a mammoth book; big in terms of

number of pages (505), chapters (29), and contributors (37), but also extensive in its

ambition and coverage. They largely fulfil their aim of providing a definitive research

guide to New Public Management (NPM), and are certainly assisted in this by the

assemblage of major international authors, including Peter Aucoin, Geert Bouckaert, John

Halligan, Walter Kickert, Guy Peters, and Janet Newman, among the luminaries who

bring an assortment of contributions to the public administration table.


The editors and their contributing authors

deserve credit for producing a volume which captures some of the most

thought-provoking and stimulating current work in this field. The quality

of the writing is consistently high throughout, and the fruits of research

are brought together in an accessible yet challenging format. As the NPM

literature continues to expand apace, and academics become increasingly

selective when identifying their key resources, this volume will undoubtedly

merit a prominent place on the shelves of all who have research

or teaching interests related to the theory and practice of management in



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