Institutt for administrasjon og organisasjonsvitenskap

Public Sector Reform in Norway: Views and Experiences form Senior Executives

Per Lægreid, Åsta Dyrnes Nordø and Lise H. Rykkja presents national report for Norway connected to the survey of public managers in the COCOPS project (WP3)


Survey of senior public sector executives in Europe: What do we know about the impact of NPM and administrative reforms?

A cornerstone of the COCOPS project is the Executive Survey on Public Sector Reform in Europe, an original survey of public sector senior executives in ten European countries (and growing), currently the largest of its kind implemented in Europe. The work package thus provides novel quantitative data regarding NPM reforms and their impacts in Europe by exploring the perceptions, experiences and opinions of the actors involved at close range in the conception and implementation of reforms: public sector executives across Europe active in the areas of (as delineated in the project’s reference points) general government, employment and health. The data resulting from the survey also constitutes a building block for other Work Packages (5-8). The Survey has resulted up until now in 4,814 answers from ten participating countries, and an overall response rate of 23.7%. As such, the results cover a substantial part of the targeted population and can be regarded as a good proxy and by far the most representative dataset for European public administrations collected up until present.

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