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Marit Skivenes med ny artikkel i Child & Family Social Work

Artikkelen "Risk assessment and domestic violence – how do child welfare workers in three countries assess and substantiate the risk level of a 5-year-old girl?" ble publisert 10. september 2013.

Abstract fra artikkelen ;

This paper examine how a sample of 301 child welfare workers in Norway, England and California, USA assess risk in cases of domestic violence. Decisions in child welfare cases are made under a high degree of uncertainty, and by using the vignette method, we explore whether child welfare systems and risk assessment approaches result in different assessment of risk level and substantiations. We find both cross-country differences and similarities: Norwegian workers consider the risk level to be significantly higher than their peers in England and USA. However, workers' justifications for and identification of decisive factors in the case are strikingly similar across countries. These similarities are observed for both high-risk and low-risk assessors, and they may exist due to widespread knowledge about domestic violence and its negative consequences. We argue that the international differences in risk level assessments are due to system differences in the countries studied.

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