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Branding without Unique Brands: Managing similarity and difference in a public sector context

New article in Public Management Review by Hogne Lerøy Sataøen and Arild Wæraas where they look at public sector branding in Norwegian hospitals.

Illustrasjonsfoto: www.colourbox.no
Illustrasjonsfoto: www.colourbox.no

Corporate branding requires organizations to focus on uniqueness and differentiation. At the same time, public institutions must provide equal services in order to gain legitimacy. Hence, corporate branding in the public sector organizations has to handle two concerns simultaneously – securing legitimacy and building reputation. We examine this tension through interviews with communication managers in Norwegian hospitals. Despite large investments in techniques borrowed from corporate branding, the informants were reluctant to talk about branding. Instead, they were more oriented towards the universal character of their hospitals. Four explanations are put forward for why branding has an ambiguous position in Norwegian hospitals.

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