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Grant from the European Science Foundation (ESF)

Professor Marit Skivenes, together with Prof. Tarja Pösö, Tampere University (Finland) and Dr. Kenneth Burns, University College Cork (Ireland) has received funding for an ESF Exploratory Workshop titled: "Socio-Legal Models of Care Order Proceedings in Europe". The workshop includes researchers from 9 countries and will be held in August 2014.


The exploratory workshop about court proceedings in child protection cases in nine European countries is a first step in laying the ground work for new research initiatives at the intersection of social work, law, criminology and social policy. The workshop addresses an important, but under-researched area by exploring the dimensions of quality and legitimacy of court decisions in child protection cases. Outcomes of this workshop will underpin the development and implementation, by the applicants of new research projects analysing court proceedings models within different child welfare systems in Europe.


You can read more about the project here.