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Marit Skivenes and Sissel Trygstad contribute with a chapter in the book "International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research"

"The International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research offers a thorough and thougtful examination of current approches to research regarding this important topic"

Forside bok, Marit Skivenes og Sissel Trygstad


Marit Skivenes and Sissel Trygstad contribute with the book chapter "Wrongdoing — Definitions, Identification and Categorizations" in Brown, Lewis, Moberly & Vandekerckhove (Eds.) " International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research" which was released in August 2014 on Edward Elgar.


Book description:

In the modern age of institutions, whistleblowing is now established as one of the most important processes – if not the single most important process – by which governments and corporations are kept accountable to the societies they are meant to serve. This essential Handbook provides researchers and policy makers from around the world with a comprehensive overview of the state of our knowledge regarding this vital process. In addition to drawing from the last 30 years of progressively more systematic research into whistleblowing, it also provides cutting-edge analysis of the conceptual and practical challenges that researchers will want to confront in the next decade.


The book can be found here : http://www.e-elgar.com/Bookentry_Main.lasso?id=14980