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Call for Papers: Workshop on Institutions of Accountability

Chr. Michelsen Institute in collaboration with the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, arranges a workshop 22-23 April to network for potential joint future research.

Institutions of Accountability


Institutions of Accountability: The “In-betweens”

The thematic focus of the workshop will be a specific set of institutions that can be considered both horizontal and vertical mechanisms of public accountability. These institutions provide, on the one hand, a check on government and open channels for complaints and concerns from the population at large, on the other. This type of accountability institutions is relatively under-researched as compared to the vertical dimension (between the elected and the electors) and the horizontal dimension (between the three branches of government: legislature, executive and judiciary).

Keynote: Professor Mark Bovens, University of Utrecht


The call for papers is on four sub-themes connected to accountability institutions:

  1. Institutional arrangements and culture
  2. International standardisation and collaboration
  3. Responsiveness and effectiveness
  4. Measurement challenges

For full description of the themes and more information, please see attached document.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted by 14 November 2014 to Dr Sofie Schuette.