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New book: Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector

Per Lægreid, Külli Sarapuu, Lise H. Rykkja and Tiina Randma-Liiv are editors of "Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector - Practices and Lessons from 12 European Countries".

Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector


Professor Per Lægreid and Post Doctor Lise H. Rykkja from the Institute are together with Dr. Külli Sarapuu and Professor Tiina Randma-Liiv from Tallinn University of Technology, editors of the book on public sector coordination that presents 20 case studies from 12 European countries.


About the book

New coordination practices have emerged across European public sectors in order to cope with complex societal challenges. Governments struggle to handle challenging policy problems that escape simple solutions and transcend the borders of organizations, administrative levels and ministerial areas. Public sector coordination has become one of the key aspects of governments' policy capacity. This important collection is comprised of 20 European case studies; it offers valuable insights into public sector coordination and points to important lessons for devising and implementing new coordination instruments. It is essential reading for public sector practitioners as well as students and scholars of public administration and policy.


More information about the book, its contributors and table of contents can be found here.