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New book: Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children

Marit Skivenes, Ravinder Barn, Katrin Kriz and Tarja Pösö are editors of "Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children - A Cross Country Study of Policies and Practice".

Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children
Oxford University Press


Professor Marit Skivenes, Ravinder Barn, University of London, Katrin Kriz, Emmanuel College Boston, and Tarja Pösö, University of Tampere, are editors of the book on child welfare systems and migrant children that presents findings from eleven countries.


The book examines where, why and to what extent immigrant children are represented in the child welfare system in different countries. These countries include Australia/New Zealand, Belgium/the Netherlands, England, Estonia, Canada, Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway, and the United States—all of them having different child welfare philosophies and systems as well as histories and practices in immigration. By comparing policies and practices in child welfare systems (and welfare states), especially in terms of how they conceptualize and deal with immigrant children and their families, we address an immensely important and pressing issue in modern societies. Immigrants in the child welfare system are a critical issue and they seem to face serious challenges that are evident across countries. These are challenges related to lack of language proficiency, lack of knowledge about cultural and social aspects and about the public systems of the destination country. Perhaps most relevantly, the challenges may include collisions of ideas and beliefs about how to raise children, about children's place in the family and society, and about children's rights.


More information about the book, its contributors and table of contents can be found here.