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Publication by Thorvald Gran in Journal of Applied Hermeneutics

Thorvald Gran has published an article on “The Process of Speech-acting Specifies Methods for Grasping Meaning. Ten Operations. A Contribution to Hermeneutics” in Journal of Applied Hermeneutics.



How does speech-acting theory explain the generation of meaning and meaningful collective action? What place does first-person subjective experience have in the theory? What are some of the methodological implications of the theory? The purpose here is to outline the Searlean theory of meaning formation and to draw some directions for research into meaning formation and organization from that outline. Searle assumes a deep intentionality, a directedness towards the world of all the human capacities. Searle asks: how do humans from external inputs from the world and through language produce knowledge of the world and organized projects that implemented change the world. Reasoning implies meaning. Reasons to act identify conditions of success= a meaningful act. Research directions (10) are drawn from elements of the speech act theory: the locutionary process, status assignments and meanings, willfulness, types of speech acts, decision-making and organization.


You can read the article here.