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Towards a sustainable grid development regime?

Hogne Lerøy Sataøen has together with Ole Andreas Brekke (UNI Research), Susana Batel (University of Exeter), and Martin Albrecht (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), published an article on sustainable grid development in the journal Energy Research & Social Science. The article compares British, Norwegian, and Swedish grid development.



Currently, huge investments are being made in the electricity infrastructure in Europe. However, one third of the European grid investments are delayed, even though the majority of the population in Europe is in favour of a greener energy mix. This paradoxical situation is connected to the fact that although interdependent, the production and transportation sides of renewable energy sources are treated as two distinct processes. The two types of infrastructure undergo separate processes for development consent and are the target of opposition from various citizen groups. In this article we compare the British, Norwegian, and Swedish grid development regimes in order to analyse their opportunities and challenges. The comparison demonstrates that the regimes differ on significant aspects, e.g. different historical trajectories, technological setups, arguments, and main drivers. The article highlights the importance of achieving sustainable energy systems by relying on a sensible strategy for grid development, and the importance of moving beyond the focus on a sustainable, “green-fuelled” grid.


The article can be found here.