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New course from spring 2016 - Multilevel Governance : National Government Administration and the EU

The department of Administration and Organization Theory is proud to present the new course AORG211 Multilevel Governance : National Government Administration and the EU

Bilde av det norske flagg og eu sitt flagg


How can public administrative set-ups impact a country’s influence in Brussels? AORG211 introduces and discusses the variety of public administrations in Europe. The course will also examine the different roles of public administrations in government policy-making and their interrelations with the EU level. It is an interactive course, providing key insights into the Norwegian central government administration, in comparison to others in Europe.


Why attend?

You should attend

  • If you are interested in how and why public administrations in Europe differ and with what consequences for government policy-making at national and EU level
  • If you are interested in an interactive learning environment with plenty opportunities to study and use new materials (not only reading references but also using media coverage, blogs etc.)


What will you learn?

Students will get a comprehensive overview of the similarities and differences of public administrations in various European countries, e.g.  Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Central and Eastern European countries and the EU level (EU Commission). You will be encouraged to participate and discuss your own observations and opinions, also by linking the scientific knowledge on public administrations with topical events occurring in the selected countries and at EU level, e.g. the recent debates about how to cope with the refugee crisis.


Fun fact:

There will be at least one TV documentary to watch and discuss - but as a scientist not a movie critic;)

Read the whole course description here

The course is taught by Associate Professor Julia Fleischer.