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The Global Grey Parrot

Velkommen til gjesteforelesning ved professor Nancy Jacobs. Her setter hun et karismatisk afrikansk dyr i sentrum av verdenshistorien.


Forskergruppen for Miljøhumaniora inviterer til gjesteforelesning med Nancy Jacobs, professor i miljø- og afrikansk historie ved Brown University og president i American Society of Environmental History. Forelesningen blir holdt på engelsk.

“The Global Grey Parrot” puts a charismatic African animal at the center of world history.

It begins in African forests before 1500 and then expands to other continents. An environmental and economic history, it also explores cognition and affect. In the Anthropocene, parrots are bred in agro-industrial facilities, trafficked as commodities, endangered in the wild, and increasingly consigned to human spaces.

Ethological science, historical research, and fieldwork have revealed a fraught interspecies politics. Parrots produce knowledge and culture, but isolated in captivity, they cannot. As historical actors, parrots were making worlds all along. Recognizing this, humans can be better companions.

Alle interesserte er velkommen!