ViSmediakonferansen 2019

Årets ViSmediakonferanse har fått tittelen "Visual Transparency in the Media 2019" og tar for muligheter og ufordringer knyttet til nye visuelle teknologier. Konferansen er åpen for alle og holdes på engelsk.




09.00 — 10.00
Registration, coffee/tea, fruits and vitamin shots

10.00 — 10.10
Opening Session by Dag Rune Olsen, Rector, University of Bergen (EN)

10.10 — 10.20
Journalism and the Quest for Transparency by Astrid Gynnild, Professor, University of Bergen and Principal Investigator, ViSmedia (EN)

10.20 — 10.50
Transparency and the ethics of AI by Nicholas Diakopoulos, Associate Professor, Northwestern University, USA (EN)

10.50 — 11.05
Coffee break

11.05 — 11.25
The Next Frontiers of Aerial Storytelling by Turo Uskali, PhD, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (EN)

11.25 — 11.45
Sex with Robots - Promises and Perils of New Technology by Deborah G. Johnson, Professor, University of Virginia, USA (EN)

11.45 — 12.45
Lunch from Godt Brød

12.45 — 13.05
Time to be surprised!

13.05 — 13.25
The Lights are on and They are Watching You by Nora Bauer, Köln, Germany (EN)

13.25 — 13:45
Technology takeover. What if technological determinism is the best theory of reality? By Lars Nyre, Professor, University of Bergen (EN)

13.45 — 14.00
Coffee break with nuts and dried fruits

14:00 — 14.20
Multimedia Verification by Duc Tien Dang Nguyen, University of Bergen, Norway (EN)

14.20 — 14.40
Black Mirror and the Culture of Surveillance by Øyvind Vågnes, Associate Professor, University of Bergen (EN)

14.40 — 15.00
The Case of the Missing Cookies: Impacts of the GDPR on European Online News by Paul C. Adams, Professor, University of Texas, Austin, USA (EN)

15.00 — 16.00Interactive panel