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Instituttseminar: Margit Ystanes

Institutt for sosialantropologi ønsker alle interesserte velkommen til instituttseminar. Foredraget vil bli holdt av førstelektor Margit Ystanes ved Universitetet i Bergen, hvor hun vil presentere den antropologiske dokumentarfilmen "Dirty Games: Olympic Evictions in Rio de Janeiro".

Om filmen (eng)

The documentary Dirty Games: Olympic Evictions in Rio de Janeiro follows residents in Vila Autódromo, a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro that was decimated as the city prepared to host the 2016 Olympics. The film explores what it was like to live in Vila Autódromo as houses were demolished, how residents remember life there prior to the evictions, and how they mobilised to preserve their neighbourhood. Working together with local and international activists, journalists, researchers and filmmakers, the residents succeeded in catapulting their struggle to remain in Vila Autódromo onto the world stage. The film also examines the context for these events; the Olympics as a vehicle for urban development, corruption, inequality and global trends prioritising profit rather than human needs in the use of land. The most important question explored in the film, however, is why the resistance to leave Vila Autódromo was so strong. What is lost when people’s homes and neighbourhoods are destroyed?

Dirty Games: Olympic Evictions in Rio de Janeiro is part of the research project Trust as a Precondition for Socio-Economic Development: What can We Learn from the Case of Brazil?, financed by the Research Council of Norway’s SAMKUL programme (Cultural conditions underlying social change). It is co-directed by José Alejandro Huidobro Goya and Margit Ystanes. 

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