Arqus Challenge Based Learning Programme

Arqus Winter School 2021

On February 22.-26th UiB arranges Arqus Winter School - the kickoff for the threefold course ARQUS220, where students will challenge themselves with key lessons about engaged European citizenship and climate risks.

Arqus winter school

The Arqus Winter School is the beginning of a unique educational journey. It will engage you as students in thinking about what it means to be a European Citizen, and how this citizenship is being galvanizedaround societal challenges; from pandemics, to global climate change, orin evolving to a more diverse and mixed society. It is a challenge-basedapproach to educating critically engaged European citizens, and it isbeing run in parallel at all seven Arqus universities this semester. !ecourse is designed to facilitate interaction and learning between studentsat the di$erent universities at certain junctures, starting with the winterschool.

Traditionally, concepts of citizenship have been connected to notions ofterritory and statehood and the implicit or explicit rights andresponsibilities of people who live there. European citizenshipnecessitates reimagining this concept, moving away from concretegeographical boundaries and toward more abstract ideas and ideals suchas peace, prosperity and equality. This radical new way of thinking aboutcitizenship demands conversations about what our rights andresponsibilities are as European citizens, and what they should be. In the21st century, active European citizenship necessitates engagement withcomplex global challenges.

Contemporary universities have the power to make substantivecontributions to discourses and models of active, engaged citizenship bydeveloping interdisciplinary, challenge-based and student-led pedagogiesthat empower students to critically reframe, reflect upon and address thechallenges we face today.


Plenary lecture sessions - open to all

Each day the winter school starts with a plenary lecture session running from 09.00 – 11.00 (Monday's session will run until 12.00). The sessions will be held on Zoom, convened by Scott Bremer and Jakob Grandin at the University of Bergen. 

The lecture sessions are also open to people not attending the winter school.

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