Institutt for biovitenskap (BIO)
Teaching portfolio workshop

The well-structured teaching portfolio

bioCEED and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences invites teachers, leaders and administrative personnel within education to a workshop focusing on how to write and read a reflective portfolio. The workshop is based on nearly two decades of developing and researching scholarly underpinned reward systems, mainly in STEM disciplines at Lund University. The workshop is led by Roy Andersson (Lund University), and with Harald Walderhaug (University of Bergen) who will contribute as to where and how the Faculty and UiB plans to introduce teaching portfolios in the future.

Writing a reflective portfolio 

It may be a considerable and unusual personal challenge to expose your own teaching practices to peer review. The workshop revolves around structured ways to document and analyse teaching practices in reflective ways that both support your own pedagogical development and helps portfolio reading and assessment. A portfolio must thus be written in a trustworthy and readable manner. To achieve this, you should problematize teaching and learning observations, demonstrate problem solving through teaching design, and establish how this has influenced student learning. Typically,such a portfolio also displays teaching career developments from intuitive reactive to deliberate proactive teaching; teaching team collaborative efforts; and building of useful local or public knowledge of student learning. In the workshop we will demonstrate typical portfolio writing challenges and share a portfolio structure that appears robust with respect to such pitfalls.