Institutt for biovitenskap (BIO)

Camila er en aktiv student!

[We don't] just learn from what we read in the books, but from the personal experience and knowledge of some very smart, dedicated and knowledgeable people.

What have you done today?

- Today was the last Student Parliament election’s day, so I spent the morning talking to other students about how important it is to participate in the election and what can be done to improve our life as students and responsible members of society.

As a molecular biology student at UiB, I get to learn a lot of fascinating things and apply that knowledge at the lab! Actually, the lab is where I did most of the learning this semester (I took MOL221 and MOL222). This week, we have been learning how to generate cloning strategies and today I have been working on my report. I went to a question and answer session with the PhD students in charge of the exercise from 12:30 to 16 and then met up with some classmates to continue working on it for a little while. Throughout this exercise, I have realized that the work done before going into the lab is as important as the work done on the bench. We cloned a gene a few weeks ago and now we are learning how to plan that lab-work. Thus, in the future, we will be able to do our own cloning experiments!

What do you like about being a student at MBI?

- At the Department of Molecular Biology, I have found a really supportive and interactive environment in which the professors, post-doc and PhD and Master students care a lot about us bachelor students. Even though it is their job to teach us, they take it a step further. This allows us to not just learn from what we read in the books, but from the personal experience and knowledge of some very smart, dedicated and knowledgeable people.


I also really appreciate the fact that I can take my studies seriously and still do a lot of other activities, like participate in student politics, train and go out with my friends. This adds up to a full, rounded and fun life in Bergen! 


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