Institutt for biovitenskap (BIO)

Aurélia er den beste foreleseren på MatNat!

Aurélia E. Lewis er førsteamanuensis ved Molekylærbiologisk institutt. Hun forsker på funksjonell regulering av proteininteraksjonsnettverk i frisk og syk tilstand. Hun underviser på bachelor- og masternivå, og veileder prosjektstudenter, masterstudenter og ph.d.-studenter.


Vi støtter hverandre og kan stole på hverandre fordi vi alle har de samme målene vi ønsker å oppnå, enten det er i forskning eller i undervisning.

Hva har du gjort i dag?

- Today was a rather unusual day, but a day that I will remember!

It first started by dealing with revisions on a paper that we submitted to Int. J Cancer and sieving through the comments of the reviewer more in detail, while keeping an objective mind...not easy! I exchanged a few emails with the authors on the paper to organize the work.I had a short meeting with my master student Chimge regarding her master thesis.

I then went to the Realfagbygget with several of my colleagues to receiveundervisningsprisen/the teaching price of the year 2014-2015 from the Mat-Nat faculty, hence the rather unusual day…

Then I went to a pre-interview meeting as an MBI representative for the interview of the departmental head for the following term as well as the interview itself. I went back to my office and continued to work on the revisions for IJC. Let’s hope this will go down well.

Hva liker du med å jobbe ved MBI?

- MBI is a small department and this brings a lot of advantages. It is easy to get to know each other, we get to support each other and we can rely on each other because we have the same goals to fulfill whether this is in science or teaching.

The administration of the department is managed in a transparent way and we get clear information regularly. Our colleagues in administration, at all levels (economy, student, teaching…), are professionals: there is a strong feeling that there is always a solution to be found rather than going for the easy way out and this is extremely well appreciated.

Our students show a strong dedication to molecular biology and are motivated to succeed. Heliks has done a brilliant job to foster this. Overall MBI has a feel good atmosphere and this helps tremendously with some of the frustrations that we can experience.


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