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BBB seminar: Anders Tengholm

Dynamic control of insulin secretion – a real-time view beneath the beta-cell plasma membrane


Anders Tengholm
Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden

The magnitude and temporal pattern of insulin secretion is determined by interplay between several intracellular messengers and signalling proteins in the β-cell sub-plasma-membrane space. Live-cell imaging studies have shown that glucose and neuro-hormonal stimuli induce dynamic changes of the sub-membrane concentrations of ATP, Ca2+ and cyclic AMP that contribute to pulsatile insulin secretion. ATP co-released with insulin from secretory vesicles elicits auto- and paracrine signalling that influence the secretion pattern. This presentation will review some recent findings about these signalling systems with particular emphasis on cyclic AMP and how defective cyclic AMP signalling may contribute to impaired insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes.

Chairperson: Marit Bakke, Department of Biomedicine