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CCBIO seminar

CCBIO seminar: Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid

Understanding alternative splicing regulation in health and disease


Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid
Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, and Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen 

We study the regulation of gene expression, especially RNA alternative splicing, in development, ageing and disease. Mutations in splicing factors are responsible for genetic diseases (such as retinitis pigmentosa), their levels change dramatically with ageing and senescence, and splicing factor levels are highly dysregulated in cancer. The target genes of this dysregulation are often unknown and represent an important but poorly understood class of biomarkers.

We employ a combination of wet-lab and informatics approaches using RNA-seq and CLIP-seq to interrogate the regulatory networks controlling gene expression from transcription through to RNA processing.

This seminar will provide a broad introduction to the field, covering our past contributions, and our current projects, on alternative splicing regulation and disease.

Chairperson: Agnete Engelsen, CCBIO