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BBB seminar

BBB seminar: Dieter Henrik Heiland

Spatial resolved transcriptomics: Current developments and outlook


Dieter Henrik Heiland
University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany

Spatial and temporal exploration of complex tissues poses a high technological and computational challenge. In recent years, the possibilities and technological approaches to master this challenge have increased exponentially, however, the analysis and interpretation remain difficult. In the field of malignant brain tumors, we have recently put together a pipeline that allows multiomic characterization of glioblastomas, the most malignant brain tumors. Especially the impact of various therapies and their remodeling of the tumor microenvironment is of great importance.  The Freibung spatially resolved multiomic database and its computational pipeline provides the opportunity to infer the spatial context of any bulk or single cell studies and thus answer complex questions for the scientific community.

Chairperson: Frits Alan Thorsen, Department of Biomedicine