Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)

Horizon 2020 Helpdesk

Horizon 2020 Helpdesk is a local meeting arena in Bergen where companies, public sector and researchers can meet and develop Horizon 2020 (H2020) project ideas.


You can sign up for  a Horizon 2020 Helpdesk session every second Wednesday (even weeks) at BTO (2nd floor, Vitensenteret, Thormøhlensgate 51). The event is hosted in collaboration between NFR, Innovation Norway, Bergen Kommune, HiB, BTO, Hordaland Fylkeskommune and UiB. 

The UiB LCPs will participate in the Helpdesk. To find a free session, registration and more information please go to the Helpdesk page

Please note that as a UiB researcher you are free to contact the UiB LCPs directly for support outside the Helpdesk service.