Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)
ERC support

Support for ERC applications

How the BOA team can help with your ERC application and project

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Illustration application support


Faculties and departments who wish to support selected researchers are welcome to contact the BOA team for support as well!

The  BOA team in collaboration with your local support team offers ERC applicants:

-Advice on how to optimise your CV and Track record for ERC

-Checking the candidate´s elligibility window (e.g. PhD date, parental leaves, doctorates like MD, etc.)

-Discussion of the applicant´s project idea, the evaluation panel of choice and proof reading of the proposal (depending on capacity, please contact us early)

-Establishing contact with other academics who could help to shape the idea further (if needed and if we can find them) /information about UiBs ERC mentoring scheme

-Information about writing courses, info seminars or reading days

-Facilitate contact to external consultants and/or the National Contact Point for ERC if needed

-A progress plan towards submission with critical points in time

-Feedback on your budget/ the resources chapter and its presentation in the online forms of the proposal

-Help with questions related to HR (e.g. how long can a post doc join, who can be on my team, etc.)

-Uploading of your host support letter NB: this requires written consent from the head of department, the form can be downloaded here.

-Generic help with ethical issues and their discussion in the online forms of the proposal

-Guidance to improve your personal webpage and digital profile on pages like Research Gate

-Support for the interview with the ERC: presentation trainings, mock interview with peers

-Help during the stay in Brussels by our Brussels office

-If you are rejected: discussion of the Evaluation Summary Report and plans for the future 

-Grant negotiation

-Project start up meetings with departments, faculties, PIs

-Help with questions related to reporting