Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)
Horizon 2020

RIA - Research and Innovation projects

As the RIA deadlines are spread throughout the year, you should consult the relevant Work Programme for the deadline of your specific topic.


The BOA-team provides support for RIA applicants. A prerequisite for this support is that your Institute Leader is informed about your application and supports this by signing the Internal UiB form “The statement of Participation". Once filled in and signed, please send it to post@fa.uib.no.

All RIA coordinators from UiB will be allocated advisors from FA and ØKA to support in the application process. Both advisor will work in close collaboration with your departmental/faculty researchadvisor and financial advisor. Please note that the details of support provided will depend on availability, and time until proposal deadline. 


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