Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)
Horizon 2020

Coordinator in a RIA proposal

What are you expected to do as a coordinator for a full RIA proposal?


You have the idea for a research project, have established a consortium, and intend to apply for a specific Horizon 2020 call. As the coordinator you are expected to lead the partners through the application process and you will most likely be doing most of the writing yourself. In addition to the proposal writing you should be aware of the following:

Preparatory work

  • Please inform your departmental/faculty research advisor about the proposal, register in the participant portal, complete the internal UiB document “Statement of Participation".
  • Please already at this early stage discuss with the partners their expected budget, and give each partner a maximum budget they should prepare for. Many researchers are too polite to discuss this at an early stage, and leave this towards the end of the process. You should avoid this as it will give you a lot of extra work and worries towards the end of an already busy application process.
  • OnePage Proposal. When you start preparing the proposal, you may wish to start with the OnePage Proposal. This is intended to help you sharpen your idea, and to relate it to the call and relevant policy documents. It is an excellent starting point for a consortium meeting, and should be formulated by a few core members of the consortium. A template for the OnePage Proposal can be found here. 
  • Bergen Technology Transfer Office - BTO. As there is a strong focus on innovation in H2020, it is advisable to include BTO early in the process for advice regarding this issue. Please ask your FA advisor to establish contact with the relevant BTO officer.
  • Consortium meeting: You should team up core members of the consortium and start working on the proposal early, including discussions of budget issues. At the first consortium meeting you may also invite your research advisor. Prior to the consortium meeting you should provide various templates and information to your partners. You may plan for several consortium meetings if applicable.  Suggested agenda for the consortium meeting. 



  • As soon as the call is open, and the proposal is created you should include the UiB LEAR (legal advisor), Liv-Grethe Gudmundsen at the Division of Research Administration (Forskningsadministrativ avdeling, FA) as oordinator Contact Person with access rights: Full access. Please use the e-mail: [post@fa.uib.no] as the contact address. UiB PIC Code (Participant Identification Code): 999974456
  • Provide access to the right people in the electronic proposal. Chose mainly read-only access, and limit the editing access to a very few core members.
  • Template for proposal. Please make sure you are using the updated version of the proposal template when you start writing. You can download the updated templates from Step 5 in the electronic form. If the call is not yet open, ask your FA/departmental research advisor for the most recent template. 
  • Form A2- Partner Details: (in the electronic form). Please ask your partners to provide the details about their institution. You may ask your FA/department research advisor for a template for this information. This may be done as soon as the partners are onboard.

The proposal

  • Section 2- Impact- Management of IPR: Do not forget the intellectual property rights (IPR) and commercialization where applicable. For innovation and commercialization BTO should already be involved (preparation phase). Regarding IPR issues please contact your research advisor, and you will be guided onward from there. For UiB it is important not to give up any of our IPRs, and this section is  important to consider. Most of the partners probably have issues they wish to address here, and it is important that you ask your partners to start working on this early. You should also discuss section 3.2 The decision-making of the consortium with the legal advisors at FA when this section is drafted.
  • Section 3.1- Implementation. 3.1 Work plan. You should ask all your Work Package leaders to write the description of their Work package themselves. Please refer to the proposal template for this part of the work. UiB has provided documents with advice on how to write this section.  Please make sure that partners have the right resources in the budget to perform the work described in the work package. Please also consider a Work Package for Management and a Work package for Dissemination.
  • If you and/or your partners are doing clinical trials please be aware that you are expected to enclose a document called Essential information for clinical trials with your proposal.  Each partner will fill in this form when relevant.
  • Section 3.4 Resources to be committed: You should send the budget template to your partners as soon as possible. The sooner they all finish their first budget draft, the sooner the budget will be ready. Be aware that your partner’s initial budgets most certainly will be revised from their faculty/department, once and even twice, but they should stay below the max budget agreed upon. Please talk to your financial officer at the department/faculty to set up a detailed budget (both for the UiB part), and for the whole consortium. Later in the process when the budget is finalized, the financial officer will involve the UiB’s Financial Services (Økonomiavdelingen BOA group) who is responsible for quality assurance of the final budgets. Please enclose the proposal’s narrative description as this will help the BOA-group in the quality assurance. You should have your total budget ready for finalization at least 1 week before the call deadline.

o   Person/months:  Also be aware that you should provide information about the number of person/months both from UiB, and for your WP if you are a WP leader, as well as from the whole consortium. This is relevant for the budgeting. Ask your financial officer/faculty research advisor if you need help here.

Please note that if the resources from Horizon 2020 are not sufficient for the project, all (or some) partners may add in-kind contribution (egenfinansiering). For UiB funds this always has to be discussed with your head of department. Please read the document Three important issues that may affect your budget and proposal to identify common challenges in an EU budget.

  • Section 4.1. Participants (applicants). Each partner (including the coordinator) is expected to provide a description of the legal entity and its main tasks, with an explanation of how its profile matches the tasks in the proposal; a description of any significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment, relevant to the proposed work, as well as your curriculum vitae or description of the profile of the persons involved, including a list of up to 5 relevant publications, a list of up to 5 relevant previous projects or activities, connected to the subject of this proposal. You may ask your FA research advisor for a partially pre-filled template for this information, and a template to be sent to the partners. This may be done as soon as the partners are onboard.
  • Consortium agreement is a legal document prepared by the consortium. This is normally agreed upon after you have been notified that the grant is given. However, certain issues, including IPR and decision making in the consortium should be agreed upon already at this time, and be reflected in the proposal. Please discuss these matters in the consortium, and involve your faculty advisor who will invite the legal advisors at FA for this section.
  • All partners expect to read and to be invited to comment the draft versions of the proposal, and also to read the final version before it is submitted. Please invite them to do this.


The points above and the writing of the proposal are the main tasks for the coordinator in the process. However, an equally important part of your job will be to coordinate the information and questions from your partners. The division of work is usually taking place at the consortium meeting(s). Please contact your FA advisor if you have questions.

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