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CCBIO905 – Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research

This course has focus on the full panel of advanced and standard methods with relevance for cancer biomarkers. The intention is a methodological course that also includes components of ethics and economy.


SGroup of photos from the CCBIO labs
Ingvild Melien and CCBIO

The thematic parts include methods ranging from basic techniques on nucleotides and proteins to more advanced approaches, as well as bioinformatics and biobanking supplemented by presentations on ethics and economics of cancer biomarkers.

The course will focus on methods to study tissue samples, blood samples, urin samples, and other biologic materials, like immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, PCR-techniques and sequencing, Western blot and ELISA, microarray methods, proteomics, circulating tumor cells and DNA, flow cytometry, bioinformatics and biobanks. Changes in nucleic acids and proteins in different settings will be covered.

The students are acquired prepare group presentations on important scientific papers describing results from clinical trials that have led to approval of new cancer treatments. The presentations should address topics like the studies’ background, drug mechanisms, the methods and impact of the biomarkers reported in terms of predictive power, and the trials’ clinical results.

The course concludes with a three-hour multiple-choice examination.

Responsible for the course: Lars A. Akslen and Jim Lorens have the academic responsibility and Ingeborg Winge is the course coordinator.

Who can attend: The course is primarily intended for PhD candidates who are affiliated with CCBIO, but is also open to other students, researchers and students attending the designated Medical Student Research Program.

Registration: You can register on this registration form. Registration deadline is August 20th at noon.

Place: Birkhaugsalen, room D301 and room D302 at Haukeland University Hospital, main building.

When: August 27-29, 2018

Course contact: Ingeborg.winge@uib.no

Program: Please find program on this link.