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CCBIOs seminarserie

CCBIO Seminar – JianFeng Chen

Velkommen til CCBIOs seminarserie for vårsemesteret 2023. Åpent for alle i auditorium 4, BBB. Foreleser er JianFeng Chen. Ikke nødvendig med påmelding. Bli også gjerne med på uformell mingling over pizza i hallen utenfor etter seminaret!


SpeakerJianFeng Chen, Professor at the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

Title: Control of lymphocyte homing by two-way tuning of integrin activation

Host: Donald Gullberg

Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building

When: May 25, 2023 at 14.30-15.30

Abstract: Integrins are a family of α/β heterodimeric adhesion receptors that mediate cell-cell, cell-matrix interactions and bidirectional signaling across the plasma membrane. α4 integrins (α4β7 and α4β1) are primarily expressed on leukocytes. By interacting with their ligands expressed on high endothelial venules, α4 integrins mediate the recruitment of leukocytes from blood circulation to lymphoid organs and inflamed tissues, thereby playing essential roles in immune surveillance and host defense. α4 integrins have been implicated in many inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn′s disease, ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis. The function of integrins is dynamically regulated by their activation and signaling. Studying the mechanism of integrin activation and signaling is important for understanding the process of lymphocyte homing and the development of new therapeutics for these inflammatory diseases. This talk will focus on our most recent findings on novel endogenous activator and inactivator for α4 integrins and their roles in regulating lymphocyte trafficking and gut immunity.

No registration necessary. Join us also for the informal pizza get-together in the hall following the talk!