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Talk by PD Dr. Steffen Oeltze-Jafra

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Data science related talk by PD Dr. Steffen Oeltze-Jafra

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This Thursday, 24.1., at 14h15, we will enjoy a data science related talk by our guest PD Dr. Steffen Oeltze-Jafra from the University of Magdeburg in Germany. Location:    Store Aud., Høyteknologisenteret, http://bit.ly/2TD2SmS

This talk is announced in cooperation of the UiB Department of Informatics and the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Center and it is closely related to the field of data science (visual data science).Please note that Steffen Oeltze is also giving a second, also veryinteresting and related talk:  on Fri., 25.1., at 10h15, as part ofthe Visual Computing Forum [see vis.UiB.no/vcf], he will talk aboutDigital Therapy Models for Clinical Decision Support -- this talk will be at VilVite, Konf.-room D.