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Visual Computing Forum Talk by Jürgen Bernard on Fri., 5. April, 10h15

Enhancing Human-Centered Machine Learning with Visual Analytics

On Friday the 5th of April at 10am Jürgen Bernard will give a talk at the Visual Computing Forum. The talk will take place at Lille Aud. @ Høyteknologisenteret (Thormøhlens gate 55). The title of the talk is: Enhancing Human-Centered Machine Learning with Visual Analytics.

VCF talk by Jürgen Bernard
Jürgen Bernard


Jürgen Bernard is PostDoc at the  CS Dept. of TU Darmstadt, Germany.  He is leading the Visual-Interactive Machine Learning research group in the Interactive Graphics Systems Group (GRIS).  He was with Fraunhofer IGD when he received is PhD degree in 2015, entitled “Exploratory Search in Time-Oriented Primary Data”.  In 2016, his work was awarded with the Hugo-Geiger Prize for excellent PhD theses, granted by the Fraunhofer Foundation.  His research focus is in information visualization, visual analytics, interactive machine learning, interactive data science, human-computer interaction, and user-centered design.  In his design studies, he has collaborated with domain experts from multiple application fields, including medical health care, climate and weather research, digital libraries, digital humanities, alternative energy resources, finance or sensor networks, human motion analysis and animation, and data-driven patient-centered health.  In 2017, J. Bernard received the Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine, granted by the Eurographics Association (EG). His data-centered focus is on multivariate data, multi-modal data, and time-oriented data. Many of his visual-interactive solutions include and combine data science techniques such as cluster analysis, classification, dimensionality reduction, similarity search, active learning, interactive data labeling, or other approaches related to information retrieval, data mining, and machine learning.