Center for Data Science
CEDAS Forskning



Visualization research provides new solutions for the effective and efficient interactive visual exploration, analysis, and presentation of data and/or models. Data often stems from experimental measurements (e.g., from medical imaging), computational simulation (e.g., from molecular dynamics simulation), or theroretical modeling (e.g., from dynamical system modeling). User goals include the presentation of valuable information to others (e.g., in a collaborative setting or for dissemination), the analysis of hypotheses to either confirm or reject them (e.g., during medical diagnosis or when studying a new design in engineering), and the finding of new, possibly unexpected information (e.g., in the exploration of trends and outliers in previously unseen data). Visualization solutions benefit from the unmatched abilities of the human visual system, including rapid and broad-band perception and cognition and are indispensable for data science solutions with the user “in the loop”.