Senter for klima og energiomstilling (CET)

CET affiliate seminar: Deep and rapid transformation - the way forward

Meeting the internationally agreed climate targets require deep and rapid transformation of society. But how is such transformation achieved, and how can science best contribute?



At this seminar, we want to bring together all CET affiliated researchers to engage in discussions on how to achieve deep and rapid transformation. The purpose is, through a combination of short presentations and group discussions, to discuss the challenge in an interdisciplinary way. We believe that this can be a fruitful way to gradually break down some barriers between disciplines, and over time develop a strong ability to work truly interdisciplinary on challenging questions – something which is at the core of CETs ambitions, and will also prepare us for engaging in new research projects.

We hope that as many CET affiliates at possible will join us at this seminar for discussions and to meet other researchers affiliated with CET.

NB: If you have not registered as a CET affiliate yet, or want to know more, please follow this link.



Lunch / mingling



Håvard Haarstad, CET


The depth and speed of transformation needed


Climate change projections

Tore Furevik, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Change Research


Needs for and consequences of contractions

Jessica Jewell, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


How to achieve deep and rapid transformation?


In this session we have invited 8 researchers from different disciplines to give a short presentation of what deep and rapid transformation looks like from their respective field of study.



Finn-Gunnar Nielsen, UiB - Geophysical institute



Kristin Kjærås, UiB – Dept. of Geography


Politics and governance

Michaël Tatham, UiB – Dept. of Comparative Politics


System dynamics

Birgit Kopainsky, UiB – Dept. of Geography



Charles Adedayo Ogunbode, UiB – Dept. of Psychosocial Science


Social anthropology

Ståle Knudsen, UiB – Dept. of Social Anthropology



Sigrid Eskeland Schütz, UiB – Faculty of law


Geography - Food systems

Peter Andersen, UiB – Dept. of Geography


Coffee break


Discussion groups

Moderators: Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (UiB Energy Director), Endre Tvinnereim (Uni Research Rokkan), Jakob Grandin (Dept. of Geography) and Erik Kolstad (Uni Research Climate).


The groups are asked to discuss the following questions:

  1. From the perspective of my group, what are the key challenges in achieving deep and rapid transformation?
  2. How can CET contribute to interdisciplinary research on deep and rapid transformation?
  3. What are key research questions to address within the next 5 years?


Summary session &     concluding remarks

Jessica Jewell / Håvard Haarstad