Senter for klima og energiomstilling (CET)

Konferansen Beyond Oil

Beyond Oil er en tverrfaglig internasjonal konferanse i Bergen som arrangeres annethvert år. Den neste Beyond Oil er i 20. - 21. oktober 2021.

Beyond Oil 2021
Judith Dalsgård
Program Beyond Oil 2021
Janne Bjørgan

Beyond Oil 2017 - Looking Back

Ingrid Rieser


Beyond Oil 2021: Prioritising Climate Action

20. - 21. oktober, 2021

Beyond Oil er en internasjonal og tverrfaglig konferanse som blir avholdt på engelsk. På grunn av pandemien blir årets konferanse fysisk og digital.

Vil du delta? Registrer deg nå forå delta virtuelt eller fysisk. Fysiske deltagere vil ha mulighet til å se digitale sesjoner på storskjerm på Litteraturhuset. Frist: 12. oktober. Call for abstracts er stengt.

Society is inevitably moving beyond oil. However, ambiguous targets and plans for phasing out fossil fuels are not sufficient for solving the climate emergency. Climate action must be a priority across all areas of society. We must ask ourselves what it means to prioritise climate action - for the individual, our economy, our political decisions, and our societal institutions. How can we overcome simplistic binaries between welfare and convenience on one hand, and responding to the climate emergency on the other? 

How do we mobilise the societal change necessary to make prioritisation of climate action a reality?

Confirmed keynotes for the conference:

Wednesday 20.10.2021

08.30 Registration and coffee (Brasseriet + Fossestova)

09.15 Opening of Beyond Oil 2021 Music by Ingrid Horvei Lyslo

09.30 Keynote 1: Who can do what to stop catastrophic climate change? + Navigating race, representation and climate action (Auditoriet)

  • Keynote speakers: Kim Nicholas and Charles  Ogunbode 
  • Moderator: Brooke Wilkerson 

11.30 Lunch

12.30  Parallel Sessions 1 

Engaging the public in support of sustainable transitions  (DIGITAL* - Auditoriet)
- Gisela Böhm, Pinar Majidova, Thomas Chen, Katharina Biely

Public perspectives on  sustainable  transport (Alver)
- Annina Thaller, Devyn Remme, Thea Valler, Mari Helliesen 

Decarbonising  the energy sector  (Olav H. Hauge)
- Siddharth Sareen, Erling Moxnes, Rebekka Frøystad, Amber Nordholm 

Policy cooperation in the transport sector  (Zinken Hopp)
- Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard, Agnete Hessevik, Rafael Rosales

14.00  Coffee Break

14.30  Parallel Sessions 2

Innovation towards low carbon futures (DIGITAL* - Auditoriet) 
- Viktor Werner, Geoff Isaac, May Lee, Thomas M. Sattich, Per-Anders Langendahl

Space and time dimensions (Olav H. Hauge)
- Martin Wetterstedt, Hedda Susanne Molland, Subina Shrestha, Simon Neby 

Motivations for action (Alver)
- Marius Korsnes, Eleanor Johnson, Kjersti Fløttum 

Portrayals  of  public  concern (Zinken Hopp)
- Michaël Tatham, Thea Gregersen, Ida Vikøren Andersen

16.00 Keynote 2: Perspectives on prioritising climate action (Auditoriet)

  • Introduction by John Broome followed by panel discussion with Natalia Golis, John Broome, and Vigdis Vandvik.
  • Moderator: Scott Bremer

*Digital sessions will be streamed at Litteraturhuset.

19:00 Conferance dinner for presenters at Skyskraperen 

Thursday 21.10.2021 

09.30 Coffee and snack 

10.00 Parallel Sessions 3

Changing systems and infrastructure (DIGITAL* - Auditoriet) 
- David Walwyn, Miguel Valdez, Gordon Walker, David Sadoway 

A politics of disassembly or a politics of reconnection?  (Alver)
- Panel session: David Jordhus-Lier, Camilla Houeland, Håvard Haarstad, Tarje Wanvik 

Justice implications  and distribution (Olav H. Hauge)
- Sigrid Eskeland Schutz, Oskar Vågerö, Mathias Lindkvist,  Shayan Shokrgozar  

The role of  policy  actors and their perspectives (Zinken Hopp)
- Runa Falck, Jana Paulina Scheurer, Marta Lorenz, Rouven Doran 

11.30 Lunch 

12.30 Keynote 3:   There is no 'I' in individual: the need to connect personal, collevtive and systemic climate action (Auditoriet) 

  • Keynote speaker: Stuart Capstick
  • Commentator: Camilla Houeland
  • Moderator: Shayan Shokrgozar

14.00 Coffee Break 

14.30 Parallel  Sessions  4 

Power  and  Energy  Justice  (DIGITAL* - Auditoriet) 
- Kevin Anderson, Fereshteh Toosi,  Akiko Hiratsuka-Sasaki, Krisjanis Rudus, Karl Gallagher 

Structures and  Institutions for  Climate Justice (Olav H. Hauge)
- Renee Neven-Scharnigg, Isak Stoddard, Bradley Loewen, Thor Øivind Jensen 

Institutional perspectives on climate action (Alver)
- Anand Bhopal, Bregje van Veelen, Catalina Vallejo 

16.00 Closing panel  (Auditoriet)

  • Moderator: Agnete Hessevik

17.00 Conference closes


*Digital sessions will be streamed at Litteraturhuset.

Questions can be sent to beyondoil@uib.no

Practical information

Conference venue: House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) Østre Skostredet 5, 5017 Bergen

How to get there:

If you arrive at Bergen Railway station, you are already in the middle of Bergen city. The Railways station is in walking distance to most facilities in the city centre.

If you arrive at Bergen Airport, Flesland, there are several ways of getting to the city centre:

Bergen light rail runs from Bergen airport to ‘Byparken’, in the city centre. The trip takes 45 minutes.

The airport bus (Flybussen) has frequent departures to the city centre. The bus ride will take you 25-45 minutes, depending on the traffic.

The conference will be organized in line with the CET Low-Carbon Travel Policy.

We are following the latest guidelines for COVID-19 infection control in Norway and will keep participants up to date on the latest developments. From September 25th Norway goes back to a everyday life with increased preparedness.

Follow updates on Twitter #Beyondoil21.