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Konferansen Beyond Oil

Beyond Oil 2019: Deep and rapid transformations oktober 16-17, 2019. Call for papers open.

beyond oil

Society is inevitably moving beyond oil. However, current rates of change are well below what is necessary to limit global warming to two degrees or less. Low and zero-carbon pathways will require systematic changes in economies, polities and societies. This will affect areas of the world and portions of populations unevenly. Furthermore, existing inequalities hinder capacity for urgent change. Sustainable transformation must thus simultaneously address the geophysical and socioeconomic challenges of the early 21stcentury.

We invite contributions for collective exploration of:

  • Rapid and deep transformations: How do socioeconomic, political, cultural, and economic factors drive ongoing processes of change? What are the implications of equity and justice for transformations.
  • Resistance and counterforces: How can we better understand opposition by those who will be adversely affected by transformation and what mechanisms can mitigate opposition?
  • Academic engagement: What types of knowledge and education are needed to mitigate climate change? How can we find new ways of making our research relevant?


Beyond Oil is an interdisciplinary conference organized every two years by the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) at the University of Bergen.

The conference will be organized in line with the CET Travel Policy.

Abstracts between 200-300 words can be sent to beyondoil@uib.no by May 31 (for notification of acceptance by June 15) or August 15 (notification by Sept 1).