Norsk senter for kinesisk rett

From China to Norway to learn about the Norwegian criminal justice system

25. September 2019 the Norwegian China Law Centre had the honour of welcoming representatives from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice to the Faculty of Law. The purpose of the meeting was the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice interest in learning about the Norwegian justice system.

Visit from the Shanghai Municipial Bureau of Justice
Director for the Norwegian China Law Centre, Professor Bjørnar Borvik (to the right) with the visiting guests from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice.
Ms. Yifeng Li



The delegation from Shanghai consisted of Mr. Chen Yaoxin, Director General, Shanghai Community Correction Administration Bureau, Mr. Zheng Mingxin, Deputy Director of Political Department, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, Ms. Lu Jing, Director General, Shanghai Yangpu District Bureau of Justice, Ms. Mao Wenjin, Deputy Division Chief of Public Legal Service Management Division (Legal Professional Qualification Management and Legal Aid Office)/Translator, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, Mr. Zhu Jianming, Deputy Director General, Shanghai Fengxian District Bureau of Justice, and Mr. Mao Yongjun, Deputy Director General, Shanghai Huangpu District Bureau of Justice. 

Invited to speak at the meeting was several practitioners from different parts of the Norwegian criminal justice field.  Professor Jørn Jacobesen who is a member of the research group for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law talked about current and basic questions of crime and prevention and its effectiveness. Øyvind Heen Ottesen, who is a clinical psychologist at the juvenile unit at Bjørgvin Prison Department of Forensic Psychology, spoke about how the Norwegian state deals with the youngest criminals in Norway. Målfrid Kallekleiv, a principal officer in charge of education and training in Bergen Prison, held a presentation on the Norwegian correctional system and the overall goals they try to achieve.

The meeting was conducted in Norwegian and interpreted to Chinese by Ms. Yifeng Li.