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Bergen International Student Conference 2020

The third edition of the Bergen International Student Conference will take place in Bergen March 23-24, 2020 on the theme “Beyond Sustainable Development”. We invite students from all disciplines and all countries to participate at the conference.

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Silje Skagseth

Climate change and sustainability has been on the agenda for half a century. Yet, the emissions are increasing and the effects of global warming are affecting everything. Avoiding change is no longer an option, but we can still shape the nature of that change. There is wide agreement on the urgent need for deep and rapid change at all levels of society in order to avoid the worst outcomes. However, we are acting too slow, and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. What is stopping us from taking action when “everyone” is talking about sustainability? Deep change requires collaboration and knowledge-sharing that crosses disciplines and borders. We therefore invite undergraduate and postgraduate students from all countries and academic disciplines to participate in this important dialogue at the third Bergen International Student Conference in March 2020.

With this conference we want to explore the risks, blindspots and conflicts that are inherent on our way towards a more sustainable future. By doing so, new answers and solutions can be revealed in order to deal with the challenges we are facing. 

Would you like to present your work? Call for abstract is out, and the deadline is extended until 12th of February! 

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